vitaflex & Raindrop treatments

              I am still offering Vitaflex Treatments that can be added to your massage for an extra $10. It is 5 immune boosting essential oils applied to the feet. Only takes about 5-10 minutes of your regular massage.  Raindrop Treatments are a full hour of aromatherapy on both your feet and spine using 10+ essential oils meant to boost the nervous and immune systems. Raindrop Treatments are scheduled either on Saturdays or at 5:00 on either Thursday or Friday.
               Last month I talked to you a little about scar tissue and how different massage techniques can help change the structure of the scar tissue and reduce the restrictions you may feel in the area.  I have also found that cupping can really help loosen up the tissue and give you more range of motion in the area.  Cupping is also a good lymphatic drainage technique.  The other thing I have found to help loosen scar tissue is CBD salves before using cups.  There is no extra charge for cupping or the CBD during massage.  Just let me know what your needs are.

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