foot pain

 I think I shared with you about the tendinitis I have been having and working on to get better.  With my background in Reflexology I understand the pressure points of the foot and can do some of that on myself, although its a lot easier to do on someone else.   I just took a few online classes to better understand the bones and the tendons of the feet.  Foot strains and sprains are more common than we think.  Of course, we all think of taking a fall or twisting our ankle playing sports.  But we can have chronic pain in our feet from a fallen arch or repetitive action that makes our gait off normal.  Some simple things you can do to improve your feet, {which you know will also improve your knees and your hips,} check to make sure you have sturdy shoes that don’t bend and are not too small for your foot and that your toes have enough room.  Get inserts if your arches have fallen,  and wear shoes indoors, don’t go barefoot.  I’ve always liked Murray’s Shoes for their good advise and inserts.  There are also some good stretches that I have learned that have benefitted me and I have learned some massage techniques that I use on myself and others that help me feel better.  Ask me about them.  And if you are having foot or ankle pain, although if you have just sprained an ankle you should see your Dr. first,  there is a lot that massage can do you help you.

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