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 Did you know that each foot has 26 bones? Our feet contain 25% of the bones in our body.  Each foot also has 33 joints and 14 toe joints, over 100 muscle/tendon units, over 100 ligaments and 2 ankle joints.  That’s a lot for a smaller body part!  When walking, each time your heel lifts off the ground your toes carry one half of your body weight.  It is rare that both feet are the same, usually one is a little larger than the other.  I have been doing a lot of research on feet, achilles tendon, and toes. I’ve been doing friction, myofacial massage, stretching and strengthening on my own achilles, toes, feet, and calves. (As much as physically possible}  
     Foot pain can have many causes.  With over 100 muscles and the amount of time and weight we put on our feet you can imagine how important working, healthy feet are.  I have found with my own feet that the toes on one of my feet are stronger and more flexible than the other, so I am working on some stretching and strengthening for the toes.  I have also found that my calves are really tight lately, and that is affecting the achilles, so I am doing stretching for the calves.  If you are having pain, tightness or stiffness, let me use some of the techniques that have been helping me.  I can use the friction, myofacial and massage techniques I have been studying and using.  And I can also suggest some of the stretching, and strengthening exercises for you to do at home.  

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