I have been taking some online classes on neuromuscular therapy for Trigger Points (knots).  What can cause Trigger Point?  There are a lot of reasons. 
-Strains, overuse, trauma
-Prolonged immobilization (like working in front of a computer for long periods of time)
-Cold, damp, drafty conditions (who would have thought)
-biochemical imbalances including dehydration
-fevered illnesses
-allergies and sensitivities (like food allergies)
-nutritional deficiencies, especially Vitamin C, B, magnesium, iron (this can also be the cause of muscle spasms)
-low oxygenation of tissues
Who would have thought that all these things could cause Trigger Points?  Massage is something that can help loosen or release these trigger points and Active Trigger Points can refer to different parts of the body other than where the pressure is being applied.  But as you can see there are other things you can do at home to help, like staying hydrated, taking vitamins and stretches.  When you come in for massage, I can help you find what muscles have trigger points and I will send you home with some stretches to help continue with releasing trigger points.


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