facial cupping

  Facial Cupping-a natural way to look younger. The fine lines we collect around our mouth, eyes and foreheads make us look older than we are or want to look. This technique done with delicate facial cups eliminate the build up of wastes and fluids in the face and neck.  It improves skin circulation, encourages lymph drainage, tones tissue and relaxes tightness.  The action is cumulative, especially, if treatments are done 1-2 times per week.  It is recommended that it be done for at least 6 weeks for results to really stick.  But it’s also a great thing to do before a big event for a really fresh, sculpted look!

You can see the visible difference even after one 30 minute treatment. 

    Treatments include a facial using foaming facial cleanser, toner and moisturizing cream for either sensitive skin or aging skin made by Taspen’s Organics in Conifer, Co that make safe, chemical free, organic products.  It’s a great compliment with the wonderfully relaxing facial cupping. 

    Facial cupping can be added in to a 90 minute massage for an extra $20 or a 30 minute stand alone session is $55.

You can see how multiple visits provides cumulative results, then continuing maintanence of once a month cupping can keep you looking younger and feeling better.  


90 min. massage with 30 min facial cupping (total 120 min)——$140

60 min. massage with 30 min facial cupping (total 90 min)——–$115

30 min. facial cupping                                                        ———$55

Buy a package of 6 (every 3-4 days)                                ———-$275 (save $55 or one free visit)

Buy a package of 12 (every 3-4 days)                              ———-$550 (save $110 or 2 free visits)

It is then recommended to continue once or twice a month to maintain the cumulative results to be the most beautiful YOU, you can be!

Try Facial Cupping as a natural way to look younger.

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