healing touch for headaches and migrains

Lately I’ve been getting a lot clients asking me more about Healing Touch and wanting to add it into their session.  I have been adding  “Mind Clearing” into a lot of sessions over the years especially for those who are prone to headaches or migraines.  It is a gentle series of holds on the head and neck derived from the Cranial Sacral practice with the added intention from me to clear and release tension energetically.  I have found it to be very effective especially with some aromatherapy included (I use either M-Grain or Lavender) and then followed by massage work done on the neck.
     So, even though Healing Touch or massage for that matter is not a “cure” for a headache or a migraine, since there are so many diverse causes for migraines, from food and environmental allergies to stress and eye problems.  But I have found that my clients benefit from the holds and the intention of the “Mind Clearing” protocol that I use it often.  It helps restore balance harmony throughout a persons energy field, so that self healing can begin.  Between the interaction within our own bodies and of course with others and our own energy field, we are truly an amazing creation.

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