Managing and changing scar tissue

 I have scar tissue from a tear in the fascia on my leg from my landscaping days and I have worked with several of my clients that have scar tissue from operations, which has spurred me on to learn more about how to treat scar tissue.  Scar tissue can restrict movement and can be painful.  Our bodies are miraculous machines that have the ability to fix themselves.  Wish my car had that ability!  Sometimes the fibers don’t heal back in the same direction and act more like a patch with not as much ability to stretch. So with massage we have the ability to help stretch the facia and create a greater range of motion in the muscles and fascia. With massage we can remodel the fascia and connective tissue fibers with massage techniques such as skin rolling, bending, torsion rotation, and lifting.  In that remodeling we can also affect the nervous system and capillaries that are innervated with the fascia and improve those functions range of motion in the muscles and fascia. I have used cupping with quite a bit of success to help remodel scar tissue, also.   So, along with the fascia classes it took in March, I’ve done some reading and online classes as to other methods that would help to change the structure of scar tissue and create a increased range of motion.  So, ask me about how these methods can help you feel better.

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