Massage Services

     I believe that if you pay for a 60 minute massage, you should get 60 minutes of hands on time. In allowing myself extra time to be able to talk with you about your goals for the session.  As I go over your health form, I can then come up with a plan on how to best serve you that day.  You will then have time to undress to your comfort level, get settled in and enjoy your massage for the full allotted time. I also leave time at the end to go over any stretches and home care you might need. 

     There are several specialties I offer, most included in the integrated massage. These include Trigger Point therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage Stretches and aromatherapy to name a few.  I also am trained in some specialties that can be added into a massage or can be separate.  I specialize in Reflexology, Massage Cupping, Facial Cupping, Prenatal Massage Rain Drop Therapy.  These different modalities enable me to help treat shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, TMJ pain, headaches, sciatic pain, tight hips, rotator cuff pain.  Also, stress and anxiety relief.  Go to the drop down menu to see the rates and offerings of massage services.  For more information call 303-797-6656 or contact me here.


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