tendinitis and how can massage help?

What is Tendinitis and how can massage help?
First- What is a tendon? 
It is a tough connective tissue that connects the muscle to the bone.  They are among the strongest tissues in the body.  The tendons you see on the back side of your hand connect to the muscles in your forearm in order for you to move your fingers.
 is a common diagnosis and includes inflammation caused by microtears usually from a physical trauma. 
 is a breakdown of  the tendon’s collagen and this is more common than you think. 
is a term used  for tendon damage that includes overuse, tendon tears, inflammation, pain and weakness.
 What are the symptoms?
     Pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion, inflammation, weakness in affected area. So, you are wondering what you can do at home to help?
     First, if you believe this came from a traumatic injury, see a doctor.  But a lot of tendinitis is from chronic overuse and one of the best things you can do is rest.  That doesn’t mean don’t move, movement of that joint is important so stiffness doesn’t set in.  Stretching the muscles around the joint is important and what may help is a brace, splint or compression sock.  Ice can help inflammation.  I have also found a CBD salve or spray helps reduce the inflammation. Under the advise of your doctor or physical therapist strength training is also helpful. Tendons do take longer to heal than muscles, so you have to be patient.
Tendinitis and How can Massage help?
     First, in the first 24 to 48 hours massage would not be recommended.  At that point, icing and resting would be best.  Then, after the inflammation has been reduced Deep Transverse Friction and Cross Friction are methods that will greatly benefit the healing of the Tendinopathies by reducing adhesions and stimulating collagen production that I can perform on the area during massage.
     The  most common Tendinopathies that we think of are of the elbow and knees.  Tennis or Golfers elbow are some that we hear most of.  I have worked with many with these issues.  My personal issue seems to be in my Achilles tendon.  So, if you see me walking funny …… I’m working on it.

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